McFamily History

McFamily Wedding Photo, July 1996


How are we the McFamily? We’re two Mc’s merging into one! A very *Mc*ixed bag of nuts, if you ask our friends! The word "merge" is a funny word. Normally our thoughts turn to traffic when thinking of "merge." But 1996 included the merging of five people in the Pacific Northwest to create a new family … Guy, Robin, Christina, Michael, and Hunter.

Here is Guy, a single dad in Washington … and waaaay over there is Robin, single mom in Colorado. How do they meet? Robin sends a message to over 1900 technical communicators on the Internet. In the message, she rants about men who aren’t involved with their kids, since she is a single mom making it on her own with her little boy Hunter.

Little does she know that Guy is a single father raising his two kids Christina and Michael. Guy responds with a quick rebuke "many good men nurture their kids every day of the year." Robin notices. She contacts Guy and apologizes. Guy accepts her apology. Robin says "Hello!" They correspond for several months. Massive phone bills accrue, followed by airplane fares, followed by proposal. Final result: marriage!!!

The wedding day was blessed with sunshine and no stray fishermen boating by the dock. We had a great honeymoon at a secluded cottage off the shores of the Hood Canal ... complete with hot tub, porch swing, rowboat, and barbecue grill.

We have been married now for almost 13 years! Christina and Michael are grown and out of the house, and Hunter is growing quickly. Some of the photos on the web site are out of date, but they're still fun to look at! Have fun on the web site!

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